When Did I Become So Spoiled?

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If you want a kick in the entitled pants, this documentary will do it for you.


If you think this is just another, “eat-your-vegetables-kids-are-starving-in-Africa” post, maybe it is, but it sure helps me with perspective.

Complaints about family, school, work, or your country club? Call the third-world-country hotline or 1-800-get-a-clue.

2 thoughts on “When Did I Become So Spoiled?

  1. Yes, we all need to remember how blessed we are. There are so many people in other countries starving and suffering and we are worried that our clothes might not match or be up to par. We need to pay attention to the truly important things and forget the silly stuff. Nice post

  2. Reblogged this on Leadership Strikes and commented:
    Leadership…in the making! Incredible perspective.

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