Walk Away or Not?

In the quest for empowerment we will find a wealth of advice about walking away from the people who make us feel badly. In some cases this is good advice.  In others, it just adds to the chaos, makes things worse, and the world more inhospitable. When is walking away merely fighting fire with fire?

When we:

  • Are avoiding accountability or difficult conversations
  • Are part of the problem
  • Are unwilling to see the hypocrisy within ourselves
  • Are not committed to our own personal development
  • Condemn others for things we have also done
  • Haven’t forgiven

Recently, I ran across this poem, I’m Starting to Forgive, and was pleasantly refreshed with the surprise ending. Check it out…


untitled (103)

6 thoughts on “Walk Away or Not?

  1. Many people fail to see their own faults. Human beings are never perfect, but we can strive to be better. We often judge others for things we ourselves do.

  2. The answer is within us. It will come when we are still. Namaste.

  3. Thank you for reading and sharing my poem Pam. It’s incredibly encouraging.

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