Universal Laws You Can Count On

untitled (99)

No way around it.

No pay no play.

It seems as if the Universe must also “Z” out and keep the books balanced as it goes.

Action and reaction.

Cause and effect.

Effort and results.

Giving and receiving.

As with pay now or pay later, there is a predictable pattern behind them all.

Although, sometimes it feels as if we aren’t getting a fair return or that we have already paid our dues!

Additional considerations for these cases:

  • the greater our mission, the greater our preparation
  • the Universe is working behind the scenes to adjust our trajectory
  • there are surprises to come

One thought on “Universal Laws You Can Count On

  1. You either have to be rich in this world, or smart enough to figure out how to get something for nothing. Ha We certainly do have to pay our dues in this world.

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