Freedom Is Knowing It All Counts


It’s been a long time since I have been bored or discontent with my life. I owe this partially to remembering that whether our lives consist of traveling the world or cleaning toilets, meeting with leaders or caring for those in need, making laws or making dinner, brokering big deals or digging big ditches, it all matters just the same…if it’s done with purpose and kindness.

Menial or unglamorous tasks don’t have to make me feel undervalued, disinterested, disgusted, or depressed anymore if I do them with a desire to lighten the load of another.

8 thoughts on “Freedom Is Knowing It All Counts

  1. Yes, no matter what we are doing we can choose to be happy. It is very gratifying to help others.

  2. Purpose and kindness are 2 words you don’t often see together, but when I read that line it struck a chord with me. Sometimes we over-complicate things but if we focused on just those 2 things day to day we could probably live a happy life!

  3. This held such a beautiful message. I think that many people right now are questioning their contribution to the world, especially those that are not progressing in life as planned and who don’t have the means to do much for themselves no more than others. Thank you for sharing!

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