Who’s To Blame for War?

A Facebook post claiming war is instigated by greedy bankers and exploitive politicians may contain some truth. A nasty fact the post failed to mention was that the “exploiting and greed seeds” are not the exclusive property of the rich and powerful.

We can go ahead and paste the blame on a despicable few while war brews in each and every one of us, while we fight over property with exes and relatives, while fear of scarcity motivates racial, neighborhood, and border “wars,” while siblings threaten each other, while rage leads to murder, and while we wage private wars with the weapons of hateful thoughts and words.

Maybe it is easier on our pride not to share the blame for greed, fear, cruelty, and selfishness.

It certainly doesn’t fix anything.



One thought on “Who’s To Blame for War?

  1. Yes, there are many small wars waging throughout the world. Everything you said is so true. Good post.

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