Prepared for Anything?

In August 2013, very unlikely hero, Antoinette Tuff stood off an AK47-armed gunman in  Georgia and saved a school full of children. She attributes that miracle to years of morning devotionals. Really.

In spite of her own turbulent life (she was crying over a call from her ex and her car was repossessed the morning of the incident), she believed that there is meaning to the madness and that one never knows what life may ask of us.  She doesn’t know how she subdued the shooter, says she was just a “vessel” who was asking for the next words throughout the ordeal.

I heard her interviewed on NPR and heard hope for all of us that day.


One thought on “Prepared for Anything?

  1. They call people like Antoniette heroes. I am sure she would not call herself a hero. She stepped up as a responsible adult to save children, a reaction many adults would have in that situation. I commend her for her bravery and I am glad the outcome of her actions were good. Such a sad world right now with all the violence.

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