Looking for Evidence That We “Get It”

So much irritation with communication revolves around what we don’t say:

  • We may feel sorry about something we did (or didn’t do) but we don’t say that we are sorry, which leaves everyone wondering if we “get it,” or if we are just plain clueless.
  • We do something nice for someone hoping that this will cancel out hurt feelings or other mistakes. This doesn’t work nearly as well as just letting them know that “we get it.”


  • We hear what someone says but we don’t acknowledge their words and their intention, which  prompts them to repeat themselves, which bores the heck out of us. But, if we would have just told them what we heard so they would know that “we get it,” we’d save everyone a lot of trouble.


One thought on “Looking for Evidence That We “Get It”

  1. Say this again please!

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