Cringing Is for Cleansing

Embarrassing moments?

There are plenty slips-of-the-tongue, uncooperative-body-functions, or mismatched-shoe incidents for cringe material, but, then, there are also those embarrassing painful moments that the conscious drags up when I’m trying to sleep…

I wasn’t generous because I worried about money 

I wasn’t truthful because I worried about rejection

I wasn’t courageous because I was greedy to save my little life 

I wasn’t authentic because I worried about what you thought

I wasn’t kind because I didn’t value you as much as I valued me

I wasn’t loving because I was blinded by what I wanted

I wasn’t forgiving or patient because I was pitifully small

I wasn’t wise because I was unwilling to see the truth


The only healthy way out of the cringe is full disclosure.




2 thoughts on “Cringing Is for Cleansing

  1. Powerful Pam, hits home. Nicely done!

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