The Madness of Comparing

One of my most powerful steps into wholeness was the decision to quit making myself feel better by saying and thinking badly of others; “At least I’m not as bad as __________.”  There are many variations of this self-serving indictment, all equally toxic to personal growth and mental health.

I catch myself most often taking delight in someone else’s demise when I am looking for justification for my own…

  • bad habits
  • failures
  • weaknesses
  • embarrassments

And when I do, I call it what it is: a smokescreen, carefully crafted by my ego, to hide me from myself.


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4 thoughts on “The Madness of Comparing

  1. Comparisons like this work the other way too – thinking others are better than me because they have the latest phone, more expensive clothes, more toned bodies… I learned through meditation that comparing myself to others, whether I’m putting them down or putting me down, is a sure fire way to make me feel bad. And it’s pointless. We should all be able to accept that we are enough, just as we are. I really enjoyed reading your post -a healthy reminder for me today. Thanks.

    • Yes! So nice to hear your agreement. In this blog I resisted speaking of the other comparison because I mention that temptation quite often, (See: No Comparison) since I have had to use meditation, as you have, to change my mind on this subject! Happy day to you!! Nice to meet you.

  2. I believe that at sometime or another we have all fallen into the trap. Have a Happy New Year friend

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