Tolerance for Failure?

Much of my anxiety, frustration, depression, and “mental episodes” have been triggered by my lack of tolerance for failure. When I felt unsuccessful or powerless, I fell apart at the seams and pulled friends and relatives into my chaos.

The thing I am most proud of in 2015 is that my tolerance for failure has improved. Instead of spending days recovering from disappointment, I can now bounce back in hours, sometimes minutes. What has made the difference?

Reminding myself every morning that…

  • Nothing matters as much as the energy I create right now
  • Accomplishments, possessions, accolades will all fade
  • My purpose is to become stronger, more courageous, and more joyful
  • My happiness is unattached to (not dependent upon) circumstances or people

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2 thoughts on “Tolerance for Failure?

  1. I have a close friend that I used to (probably still do) overwhelm with my distress. He would always try to remind me of the same things that you just said – nothing should be allowed to affect my happiness because I control that. I love this post, thank you!

  2. I know, right? up down up down bs

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