Good Stress

If you haven’t yet watched Kelly McGonigal’s TEDTalk, “How to Make Stress Your Friend,” there is no better time than now: now before you make 2016 one long soliloquy about how stressed you are.

We are soooo human, and, thus, so very prone to financial, situational, family, health, weather, love, schedule, and social stress, etc. Unless we tap into the good side of stress, all of us are cooked. (Hint: more people die from what they believe about stress than stress itself.)

It’s so tempting to just live a life chasing vacations, ease, or security, when this pursuit can never get us what we want so badly.


5 thoughts on “Good Stress

  1. I found Kelly’s talk absolutely fascinating. I’ve had an incredibly stressful year with my mum who had two failed brain operations that changed her irreversibly. Hearing this talk, relating it to my own life and experiences has been therapeutic to me. Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks Pam. A totally new perspective. I hadn’t heard this before.

    • So nice to see u on WordPress Shelley! So glad you liked the video. When she published 2 yrs ago, I rejected her premise before I even read her work! What a mistake! Such insight!

      Love ur picture btw!

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