Words as Bait

Scammers and marketers know what gets our interest: those words of good news that bait us…you’ve won, you’ve been selected, etc.

A few years ago I owned up to my human craving for good news and started giving it to myself. Might be smarmy, but it works (and is better than the alternative).

I say…

  1. You’ve won. You have been awarded one brand-new day, fully equipped with gravity, air, and water!
  2. A delivery is waiting for you. Exactly what you need (even if you had other ideas about what that is)!
  3. You are approved. Just as you are (regardless of what you have been telling yourself)!
  4. You were selected (to use your gifts in your special way). We are anxiously awaiting your reply!


5 thoughts on “Words as Bait

  1. Nicely written message Pam!

  2. Great post. I feel a winner every morning when I see a new day!

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