“Everything in this world is here for you to use. But use it graciously as a guest – don’t clutch it desperately like a beggar.” – Blair Lewis

I work on this quality, but I also know I have a long way to go. If I lost the things I associate with my identity: my productivity, my address, my car, my appearance, those who love me, etc., I’d be reeling. This is why I work everyday on remembering and honoring my breath, my heartbeat, and the irrevocable sanctity of life…so I won’t slide into insanity when I am forced to live without that to which I have grown accustomed to clinging.

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(For a quick test of your possessiveness, think about how you deal with bad news.)

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3 thoughts on “Non-Possessiveness?

  1. Bad news? Initially I feel down and incredibly negative however I like to think I pick myself up fairly quickly and try and focus on the positives and alternatives.

  2. Reblogged this on mind JO business and commented:
    Support Sunday EP01: I have said so many times that life is more than possessions and success. We cling to things that aren’t as beautiful as the one thing that we take for granted. Great read!

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