Unchecked and Unquestioned?


My answer to which super-power I would want is…the ability to  change others’ self-destructive thoughts.

Since I cannot do that, I can work on my own self-destructive thoughts. Byron Katie has a marvelously simple approach to turn thoughts around: four questions for honest self-interrogation…


A personal thought example: She doesn’t care about anyone except herself.

Is it true? Her actions seem to validate it.

Do I absolutely know it’s true? I can’t know every one of her thoughts. There could be something else going on.

How do I react when I think that thought? Miffed and frustrated.

Who would I be without that thought? More patient and compassionate with her.

The challenge is a willingness to quit judging others by a harsher standard than we use for ourselves.

3 thoughts on “Unchecked and Unquestioned?

  1. Though I’m no saint myself, I constantly tell my kids not to judge others.

  2. Thanks Pam. I have her book sitting on my bedside table (not quite finished), but sometimes I don’t live this advice. I’ve believed for years that I don’t judge others, but when someone pushes my buttons there is usually judgement behind it.

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