Why Do You Ask?

I get irritated when people hog the airspace and go on and on about themselves, but I dutifully pretend to care…and…ask them questions with the hope that they may reciprocate. They usually don’t.

Today I realized that my pretending to care was not really caring and my “polite” questions were not really questions, but merely prompts so that I could talk about myself. So, maybe the other person has work to do, but it looks like I have some too. Busted!

“Real” questions are not launching pads for my own judgment or my own performance, but conduits of connection to another soul.


7 thoughts on “Why Do You Ask?

  1. Awesome post Pam! Love it!

  2. For 17 years at work I would come in say good morning and our office manager would ask a question, she would never let it answer she already had the her answer with her story. Polite listening came in too play….

  3. I hear you no more talking for me

    JoAnn Cox joanncox317@gmail.com 972-839-3670


  4. I can relate to this. It is frustrating and you wonder why you’re wasting your time being with the person, even someone you love. Sometimes we change as we grow, but they may be happy in their old victim paradigm when you are trying to help them, even though they know better. Perhaps it’s better to leave the old relationships behind when you have nothing in common any more. More joy in spending time with like minded people who you care about and who care about you. I know Pam – I have some work to do too!! (We can know it and preach it, but not always live it ourselves.)

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