Dual Purpose Cure

Some of us are driven to unhealthy behaviors by our feelings of overwhelm. Some of us will abandon all reason when we feel the sucking emptiness of an unmet need.

Having spent time in each of those “torture” chambers, I’ve found only one cure that works for both, to give space or to fill up empty space, to relieve crowding or to populate a desolate landscape: stopping long enough to treat the malady from the inside before attempting to treat the pain from the outside.

The treatment works even though its quick action defies reason.

  1. Stop everything.
  2. Sit still.
  3. Think about breathing until it is just breathing.
  4. Show deep reverence for your existence.
  5. No matter how much or how little, surrender all that you have to the Universe.

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2 thoughts on “Dual Purpose Cure

  1. Just wonderful. And what I needed.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to let me know Miriam. Happy day to you.

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