When Cracked, Broken, or Undone

It’s good to remember this when we feel our insides coming out:


And it feels like complete destruction too.

Can you trust like a gardener who brutally buries seeds under mounds of dirt and patiently waits for a long time, past the stage when nothing appears to be happening…to finally see sprouting miracles?

From one impatient person to another: it’s freakin’ hard to do!

But, failing to wait has proven to be harder.

4 thoughts on “When Cracked, Broken, or Undone

  1. Great analogy. Very inspirational!

  2. Nicely stated Pam…reminds me of the story of the tree farmer who pulled his trees out every month to see if they were growing, and in his frustration, didn’t realize that he needed to allow them the time for his planting to take root. Impatience indeed.

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