Feeling Cramped?

I had always heard about the importance of stretching, but didn’t start my own stretching routine until I suffered from leg cramps and Sciatica. Ouch. I don’t like stretching but it has been the least painful alternative.

Skipping a mental stretching routine, also has consequences.

When we feel like we are getting claustrophobic or desperately need a vacation, some breathing room, or to get away from our lives, expanding our inner landscape is always an option available to us. A beach isn’t.



Need space?

Gotta find it inside first.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Cramped?

  1. Sometimes physically stretching has the effect of stretching you mentally as well. A couple of years ago I felt overwhelmed with everything and thought I needed a drastic solution. I started going to a yoga/pilates class and from then on I knew I could handle anything as long as I had that class to clear my head and stretch – expanding my inner landscape as you so wonderfully put it!

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