Afraid and Uncomfortable?


This is how I used to perceive my relationship with life.

  • I was in trouble
  • I wasn’t measuring up
  • Others were more powerful than me
  • Others were more important than me
  • I was too small to do anything about it

Growing up, I started lying to cover my shame, which only buried it deeper. That’s why forgiving myself and embracing myself was a first step to a new life. It might seem too simplistic and too touchy-feely, especially to those of you who have never felt inferior, but it worked.

If you have ever felt inferior, you might enjoy the inner child meditation from Dr. Hew Len, who is renown for changing an entire Hawaiian criminal psych ward.

Inner Child Meditation

H’oponopono Technique used by Dr. Hew Len


6 thoughts on “Afraid and Uncomfortable?

  1. The inner child meditation is very good

  2. Sounds useful!

  3. Hello, You are absolutely correct. Born and raised in a unique context, we define our comfort zone differently. Until reaching adulthood, its development is greatly influenced by our parents and relatives.
    That’s really a great post. Thanks for sharing.

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