The Pain of Valentine’s Day (repost)


If V-Day is difficult for you, take heart. You are among friends.

When single, we often feel lonely and rejected…like everyone is loved except us.

When in a relationship, women are often hurt or disappointed by the lack of attention on Valentine’s Day from their romantic partner.

And many men feel compelled to buy gifts only because it is expected or have angst about what to buy or how to afford it.

Very few feel the bliss of romance on February 14th.

We should start a revolution and make the day about showing love to everyone! Period.

Recommended approach:

First, slap yourself out of the PLOM (Poor Little Ole Me) Club. Second, in the true spirit of St. Valentine, give gifts to anyone and everyone.

Generate happiness…not angst.

2 thoughts on “The Pain of Valentine’s Day (repost)

  1. and go have fun with other singles – celebrating the relationship you have with SELF because that is the best one! Love this post

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