Top Ten Reasons I Am Afraid to Procrastinate

10. I hate nightmares about being naked or late for a class I never attended.

9.  Some “unworthy, lucky person” will steal my great ideas (that I really was going to do something about someday).

8.  Someone who never procrastinates will cliché me to death.

7.  It spreads to my loved ones who really need to get back to work!

6.  The dreaded middle-of-the-night bad-conscience, sleepless-guilt attacks…

5.  My friends give me the there-there look when I make up how-busy-I-am stories.

4.  My “get-up-and-go” will have got up and gone.

3.  My face will freeze in a permanent yawn.

2. There will be a pop quiz.

1. The dreaded phone call comes saying I’m desperately needed but I have already used up my time playing solitaire.


I don’t know what I’m training for, but I hope it never happens.” – Ellen

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