It Is Nice to Be Seen

Have you ever answered, “It was nice to be seen” to someone’s statement, “It was nice to see you“?

It’s a witty retort by which we may be saying that we are happy to be alive and present. However, the response may leave someone feeling a little uncomfortable, wondering if we were happy to see them too, or if the interaction was simply all about us. I only bring it up because we can be so occupied with ourselves that it leaves no room for someone else. Ever wonder why it is so difficult to remember a person’s name after we’ve just been introduced?

We remember what we focus on. We focus on what’s important to us.

It’s a small thing, but it is very nice to be seen.


6 thoughts on “It Is Nice to Be Seen

  1. So very true. I always try and remember people’s names when I meet them. It can make such a difference.

  2. Usually I’m so intent on listening what they are saying that the name gets pushed aside.

  3. That’s good Elisabet! I wish that was my excuse. I am usually wondering why they are looking at my hair funny or what I am going to say next.

  4. I try to repeat the person’s name back to them in hopes that I will remember. People often times get my name wrong so I spent a lot of years focused on the fact they were going to mess it up. Now I just correct them if they do! 🙂 Lorelei

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