Deadlines, Finish Lines, and Legal Drugs

High anxiety. Dread. Feelings of inadequacy. Despair. All from mistake-causing, acne-inducing deadlines.

On the other hand, I have a completed new book because a friend asked me (on a podcast) for an exact availability date. I have a completed screenplay because a friend told me she would buy me lunch (lunch!) when it was finished. Another book is on my shelf merely because I set a daily deadline of ten pages a day before I could play. Without the deadline, none would be done: only half-done but for a finish line in sight.

Our body releases endorphins when we cross finish lines: when we cross things off our list, however small.

I started making to-do lists when I was eighteen because I desperately needed those legal drugs.



3 thoughts on “Deadlines, Finish Lines, and Legal Drugs

  1. To do lists are the best way to achieve our goals.

  2. Man oh man can I relate to this! I love my lists and crossing things off just makes me feel successful and accomplished!

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