How to Soften a Hard-Headed Human

If I had the opportunity to acquire a superpower, it would be this ability.

How often have we uncovered the ugly root of chaos and found it to be an unwillingness to budge from hardened, bitter dogmatism? Even in our own lives.

That’s why the only place to start is with ourselves:

  1. Soak the mind in memories of mercies
    • People who have shown us kindness
    • Music that moves us
    • Nature that calms us
    • Awareness of our own miraculous existence against the odds
  2. Focus on listening and learning
    • Read outside of our comfort zone
    • Say yes instead of no
    • Let others talk without interruption
    • Delight in differences
  3. Love where hate has been
    • Forgive as we want to be forgiven
    • Forgive ourselves for being human
    • Recognize the limits of our own knowledge

2 thoughts on “How to Soften a Hard-Headed Human

  1. These were wonderful tips or words of advice. I can really use these. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for being willing to use them…and to tell me you did! Yay! We all win!

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