Clear, Clean, File…or Else

If we don’t regularly clear and clean out our purse, our car, our desk, or our sink, we will suffer consequences.

Unfortunately, it is the same if we don’t clear, clean, and file things that have accumulated in our minds.

If we choose not to, we can expect this:

  1. The build up will become cumbersome.
  2. We will miss or lose important things.
  3. It will begin to stink.
  4. And, most of the time, other people will notice before we do.

When I think that life stinks or other people stink, it is usually because I haven’t cleaned, cleared, and filed lately.


3 thoughts on “Clear, Clean, File…or Else

  1. This is so incredibly true. Need to keep it well tuned and cleaned.

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement!

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