An Uncomfortable Truth

I have spoken with three people this week who have been downsized, demoted, or de-hired. In each case, the unfortunate employee complained about the office politics that cost them their position. In all three cases, there was another side to the story that included a lack of loyalty or too much resistance to the existing leadership.


It’s an old story and one with which I am personally and painfully acquainted.

When someone opposes us or takes away what (we think) we deserve, it is natural to be defensive or to criticize their motives. It is professional to listen to our “enemies” and see what they see. The uncomfortable truth is that bosses (humans) don’t like to be uncomfortable. Working with a critic is uncomfortable.

Making attitude adjustments saves jobs (relationships).

2 thoughts on “An Uncomfortable Truth

  1. Excellent blog Pam, so spot-on!

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