Carrying a Heavy Load?

While carrying a very heavy package today I thought, “I wish I had help with this package.” However, my next thought was,”But, if I did, I wouldn’t get the workout and, duh, my muscles really need some tone.” After that, I had more endurance and less discomfort with the task. Pushing myself had a purpose.

Same with approaching difficult psychological loads, isn’t it? “Thanks for the strength training. I obviously need to get stronger,” helps much more than, “Why me, God?”

For some this brings up the age-old debate of  being dependent on God vs. being self-reliant. Formerly, I thought these were contradictory concepts. Now I believe when we are dependent upon God, we have signed up for serious strength training to find out how powerful we really are.

Self Reliance

Don't put the key in someone else's pocket

6 thoughts on “Carrying a Heavy Load?

  1. Great post. It was very uplifting!

  2. I like the key/ pocket thing. Very good

  3. Sooooo very true !!

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