Inside Out

If you didn’t see last summer’s Inside Out Pixar movie (even if you hate animation) you have missed something.


Who wouldn’t want behind-the-scene insights into the committee in your head (or in someone else’s head), delivered with lots of laughter, and, okay, maybe a few tears? Or the battle of conflicting emotions brought to life in personifications of joy, fear, disgust, anger, and sadness fighting over the control console of your mind?

Well, maybe, it wasn’t on your wish list, but, I bet it is on a wish list of a partner, friend, neighbor, or relative in the form of one of these desires:

  •  “I wish _________ would just get a clue.”
  •  “If she could just see how fear-driven his decisions are, we would all be happier.”
  •  “Why does everything have to be about her?”
  •  “I wouldn’t mind being around you if you weren’t so depressed all the time.”
  •  “Do you always have to be so annoying by putting a positive spin on everything?”
  •  “I wish she would just frickin’ let go of the past.”
  •  “When will he quit being such a hot-head so we can have a real discussion?”


Whether we acknowledge it or not, our thought-driven behaviors (btw, there are no others) effect more people than we have ever imagined, spilling out on those closest to us and then rippling out to wider and wider circles, sometimes wreaking havoc, inconvenience, and/or chaos.

Thoughts become things, choices, actions, behaviors, addictions, bad habits, regrets, and bad lives. It’s pretty easy for us to diagnose the dysfunction in other people’s lives, but almost impossible to do so for ourselves.

Getting acquainted with the little voices in our heads is one of the first steps to taking charge of our lives. And, if a movie can help make the introductions, well, it’s not a bad place to start!

One thought on “Inside Out

  1. Pam, your blogs continue to get more creative and insightful all the time. Great wisdom!

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