Paring Down the “Who-Is-My-Neighbor?” List

It is easy to become selectively generous. I thought someone might benefit from this reminder repost.

Two-Minute Tune-Up

Practically speaking, who am I really morally obligated to care about?

Scratch off people from other cultures,

eliminate people who practice weird religions,

those in different socio-economic brackets,

definitely greedy politicians,

impolite neighbors,





people who have offended me,

estranged family members,

and exes.

That definitely makes things simpler…or, ultimately, lonelier.



Aware that:

  • ignoring the pain of another is ignoring myself
  • everythingI  think, say, or do or to any other person will come back to me like a boomerang
  • the happiest people are those who are not selectively generous

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