Top 10 Signs That You Are a Bore

You are a bore if you…

  1. fail to praise, listen to, or show interest in others
  2. talk incessantly about your sport injuries, health problems, or how tired you are
  3. worry about your money or possessions too much
  4. brag, name drop, or show off
  5. nag your friends and/or family
  6. complain about your job, kids, or spouse
  7. think and talk about what you want, need, and deserve without thinking about what others want, need, and deserve
  8. pontificate about how screwed up the world (media, politics, economy, weather, traffic, etc.) is
  9. talk too much about things you fear or hate
  10. preach, pass out unsolicited advice, tell people what to do or what they need to do


If you are young, start now to notice what comes out of your mouth…and your mind.

If you are older, don’t trust your own opinion about how interesting you are.

If you are young, old, or anywhere in between, run for your life from these behaviors. If you don’t, interesting people will eventually run for their lives away from you.

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