When Light Causes Pain

Light causes pain when:

  • we are exposed to, and unprepared for brightness or…
  •  when the light magnifies things we couldn’t see in dim light, such as…
    • the wrong color of socks or shoes we put on
    • cleaning that needs to be done
    • issues we are trying to hide or camouflage
    • things we are trying to forget

After we wince, we can choose to…

  • prepare for or ignore the damage
  • adjust or hope no one notices
  • clean up or wait until dark for relief
  • be vulnerable or continue the charade
  • use the light or curse it


i can see

Those who have to follow us or to live in our wake, would greatly prefer that we prepared for, adjusted to, and/or used the light versus the alternative approaches.

One thought on “When Light Causes Pain

  1. Awesome. We all need to come to the light.


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