Bring Value with You

As a kid I detested my mother’s nagging about house cleaning. As an adult, though, I am indebted to her for some deeply ingrained, and pretty cool, habits.  One of those habits concerned bringing value with me wherever I went, not just in a broad philosophical sense, but also, when just walking from one room to another.

Even though I rolled my eyes, Mom taught me to always look around and find something that needed to be taken on the way to wherever I was going. If you had a mom like this, you might know that the result gave clutter-less living a fighting chance, then and now.

Her relentless efficiency has also given my to-do lists a fighting chance, by teaching my brain to ask…

  • What can I get done during a commute?
  • Who might benefit from going with me to run errands?
  • How can I better utilize my time while I am waiting in a line or for an appointment?
  • How many tasks can I complete while on hold or waiting for my computer to boot?

This coming Mother’s day, I’ll remember to thank her for these influences and remember to…not just go places but…to show up with some value for others.


3 thoughts on “Bring Value with You

  1. Oh wow, how I can relate to this. Even today when I’m on my way somewhere, upstairs, downstairs, from one room to another I’m clearing things along the way. I try and encourage others in my family to do the same but mostly it falls on deaf ears … 🙂

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