They Won’t Do What I Need Them to Do

Law enforcement statistics show that if you are murdered, it will most likely be by someone who knows you.

Disappointment with others’ choices is often the root cause behind estranged families.

Psychological breakdowns, addiction issues, violence, and other unproductive behaviors are often triggered by disappointment with the people we have counted upon.

I spent years being depressed about what my kids, spouse, siblings, friends, bosses, and/or associates were not doing right. Because of them, I felt _______________ (crazy, frustrated, anxious, trapped, indignant, upset, sad, angry, powerless over my own life and happiness).

Because of them, nothing had turned out as I had planned.

I complained, fretted, and played the martyr.

I worried, prayed, and cried my heart out.

But, nothing changed until I…

Quit trying to change them and instead, forgave them for being human and began to appreciate their uniqueness with no strings attached.


  • they are delightful
  • I am happier
  • life is simpler
  • I have hope
  • they enjoy being around me


4 thoughts on “They Won’t Do What I Need Them to Do

  1. Great post. And quite profound.

  2. Your thoughts and words are so very true. More people show understand that.

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