Top Ten Reasons Abraham Lincoln Was Magnetic

10. His stories were funny.

9. He was passionate and dedicated to his tasks.

8. He wasn’t out for his own gain: sacrificing frequently for those he served.

7. He was a born a simple man, but worked hard, persevered, and hung on to hope against all odds.

6. He was a lifelong learner and a speaker whose persuasiveness came from deep well of insight and love.

5.  He saw people as his equals: treating the poor and powerless the same as the wealthy and famous.

4. He spent long enough in depression to sympathize with those who battled personal demons.

3. He understood first hand what it meant to be a loser, rejected, hungry, hopeless, and unloved.

2. He listened well because he had trained himself not to be judgmental or arrogant.

1. He didn’t take himself nor his ego seriously.

Lincoln obviously was not perfect, but so often, his words have bailed me out of self-pity and other pathetic emotions.

When I meet someone who has any of  his qualities, I am drawn to them as a bug is to light.


gravitas morgan freeman

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