“Safe Success”

Success, as sex, comes in two varieties: safe and unsafe.

All of us want success but it doesn’t always bring happiness with it, just as sex does not come with any guarantees of happiness or satisfaction, and often leaves us wanting or even damaged.

So how do I know if my success is safe?

I copied the following sentence from a previous blog:

“Safe success” has no negative side effects, leaves no sticky residue, and doesn’t leave us squirming in our own mental confusion or emotional upheaval.

Safe success is only about…

  • the full realization of my potential
  • utilizing my gifts for the good of others
  • nothing else

Safe success is not marred by…

  • manipulation
  • comparing my success to another’s success
  • calculating my value by someone else’s success criteria
  • hustling for my own worthiness by trying to earn approval or prove myself to someone


6 thoughts on ““Safe Success”

  1. miraclewingsweb

    That’s really nice but lolz 😂, you have compared it with sex! Well written, have a look at mine too,

  2. So contrary to what the world says it’s not about money and selling your soul? Fore if it was we wouldn’t call it success we would call it whoredom.

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