Since the Last Will Be First…

Since some of the last will be first

When all accounts are settled

It might be good to get a head-start at

Honoring what really matters

I’ll start by noticing those



Or abused because of color, creed, gender, or nation

Those born without beauty


Or status with arbitrary lords, ladies, and fashion

Those without advocate

Healthy body

Or hope of ever finding an exit

Whose lives have been cut short by violence


Or neglect of hidden talent or asset

I’ll start by remembering to forget

What I’ve worried about so long

How my hair looks

What clothes I’ll wear

Or who might think I’m ugly or wrong

Let them think I am poor 


Unworthy, old, or dumb

It’s all okay

The game will be over shortly and

The scoring never counted anyway

last will be first

4 thoughts on “Since the Last Will Be First…

  1. No Pam, you’re right, the scoring doesn’t count at all.

  2. Powerful poetry Pam…profoundly impactful!

  3. Thanks Bernie. I’ll try to do as I say.

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