Hitting the Wall Remedy

In every endurance race there is a wall…

hitting the wall

…when you feel like you cannot possibly go on.

And (even if we haven’t figured it out or acknowledged it yet) there is also, inside every new job, new school, new semester, new project, or new relationship, a wall that makes us feel like this…

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The newness has worn off and we can’t take one more discouragement. Or, maybe, we just don’t have the energy for it anymore. Hitting the wall in these situations concerns a loss of hope. We started out so hopeful and now it has just settled into work, business as usual, or another stressor in our life.

My best hitting-the-wall remedy has been to see it comingto expect the wall and have a plan for scaling it.

  1. Stay steady. Nothing is ever as good as it looks or as bad as it seems
  2. Let the “highs” set off an alarm to keep my feet firmly on the ground, remembering…
    • past experiences of disappointment
    • lasting happiness is always an inside job
    • no outside circumstance is permanent
    • my persistence will be a crucial element in any long-term win
  3. Let the “lows” set off an alarm to quickly find healthy detachment with…
    • nature
    • friends/family/mentors
    • rest/meditation
    • music/reading/art
    • activity/exercise

When hope returns, the wall will fall.

8 thoughts on “Hitting the Wall Remedy

  1. Such a awesome post!!

  2. Yes, it’s always good to have strategies for letting those walls down. Great post.

  3. Another awesome, insightful post Pam…always inspiring!

  4. Your words are so encouraging. I look forward to starting each day with your posts. Thank you…….

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