Work, Success, Reversals, and Death

The most effective strategy I have used to calm myself down from worrying about money, failure, and success has been to read biographies of people long dead.  Within this therapy lies the realization and proof that everything is…

  • way more temporary than my fears would have me believe
  • subject to reversal or change without notice
  • not nearly as significant or critical as it feels

In the big picture, rocks, trees, and turtles have more going for them than humans. They will remain long after we are gone, witnessing generation after generation fret and struggle over the same ole issues: money and love, truth and lies, life and death. They will see plenty of boastful youths turn into tottering old men, beautiful women shrivel into grannies, brilliant and promising people die before their time, and lots of fame and fortunes come and go.

Keeping that in mind keeps my mind in line.

smile while you still have teeth

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.


3 thoughts on “Work, Success, Reversals, and Death

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  2. On NATIONAL turtle day it is good to remember that some things, yeah most things are going to outlast us and our puny stories.

  3. Love it! Thanks Juju!

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