Dashingly Used and Cheerfully Hazarded

While in my early twenties, I read this quote in an old biography; “Life is to be dashingly used and cheerfully hazarded.”  I am not sure to whom the quote should be attributed, but the sentiment has propelled me to live much more courageously.  Just reading the quote makes me feel noble and gallant; as if even I could be a hero vs. someone petty, small-minded, or average.

When I ignore the quote and pass up opportunities to be that dashing, cheerful hero because I am too worried about…

  • disease, bodily harm, or tragedy
  • getting my fair share, or
  • my possessions

I will always lose.

Our hearts instinctively know that there is much more to life than these “safe” things. That’s why we love movie heroes and legends.

alchemist quote

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