Spoiled-Entitled-Brat Syndrome

“Same ole, same ole.”

“If I had what they had, I’d be happy. Some people have all the luck.”

“I’m doing okay.”

“You know how it is.”

“Another day, another dollar.”

“Sigh. Just another day in paradise.”

“Nothing new. Getting by alright.”

“I’m just hanging in there.”


The dialog of boredom.

paulo coelho quote

I hate entitlement. As a boss, a parent, or friend, I just want to slap that person silly who has the nerve to be petty and/or discontent when they have been given so much.

Sometimes that person is me.

2 thoughts on “Spoiled-Entitled-Brat Syndrome

  1. I was about to text you and tell you to stop acting so pompous, then I saw the last line. Good post.

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