Easiest Way Anyone Can Make a Difference

Even if we are…

  • unemployed
  • home-bound
  • injured or sick
  • challenged
  • swamped with work
  • unattractive
  • underemployed
  • bored
  • broke
  • depressed or feeling powerless
  • or in any other limiting condition

…the easiest way to make a difference is to make someone else feel significant. Because feeling insignificant drives human beings to do very strange and harmful things to themselves and others, making someone feel significant has the potential to correct a lot of ills.

You’ve probably been there. Someone changed your day (and your trajectory) with a simple acknowledgement or encouragement. You still remember it. Maybe it was a long time ago. Maybe it was a friend or a complete stranger. Maybe it was a very small thing but it made a difference for you.

And we can do that for others too; for family, friends, neighbors, caregivers, coworkers, or strangers.We can praise, thank, acknowledge, compliment, smile, give an overdue apology, show interest, touch or assist…

  • face to face
  • on the phone
  • by snail mail
  • by email
  • by text
  • by social media

Got a minute? That’s all it takes. You can make a difference.

Got a minute

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