Road to Hopelessness BLOCKED

Feeling trapped (i.e., powerless to change an unpleasant situation) used to turn me into 1) a psychotic caged animal or, 2) a pile of useless ectoplasm begging for extinction.

In either case, things would get even worse if 1) someone told me to stop feeling sad, angry, or suicidal, or 2) if there were undesirable consequences to my tantrums or depression.  Ugh.

What I needed was a sign that pointed to an alternate route that would get me unstuck. Instead I got a big, red ROAD CLOSED sign blocking my path.


Finally, after years of staring at the ROAD CLOSED sign, I figured out that I had the power to pick up the frickin sign and move it over to the road to Hopelessness. All I had to do was quit buying into the imprisoning grid of my own making; the grid that blamed other people, unfair circumstances, and religious constraints for my pain.



2 thoughts on “Road to Hopelessness BLOCKED

  1. Love this. You’re right, it’s our choice.

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