Laugh or Die

laughter lincoln

Responsibility for the life and death of millions posed the most fearful strain imaginable, but Lincoln stayed sane with laughter, barely fighting off the relentless assault of his personal and professional demons. So glad he did.

Life is deadly serious for most of the world. The smallest reminder of that fact can send me on a rapid descent into a humorless place where I cannot bring to mind anything that seems remotely encouraging or untainted.

Without the help of Weird Al, Jim Carrey, and other assorted nut-cases who choose not to take themselves seriously, I’d be in a heap of trouble, too.


One of my survival routines is dialing up all the comedy sketches I can find on YouTube until I am finally light enough to face the darkness. What’s your routine?

2 thoughts on “Laugh or Die

  1. Jim Carrey is fantastic. He always makes me laugh.

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