Dangerous Unsaid Things

An emotionally distraught teenager told me that she was afraid her sister was going to kill herself. When I asked if her sister knew how much she loved her, she said, “Our family doesn’t say things like that to each other.”

I suggested she tell her sister what she told me with the following qualifier (to help her ease into unknown territory): “We don’t usually say these things to each other, and it is scary for me to do so, but I really want you to know…” 

Frequently we don’t say, and are afraid to say, what we need to say.

As I have mentioned recently, telling people why it is difficult to say something is a gentle way to start…

can·dor ˈkandər/ noun the quality of being open and honest in expression; frankness.
1.”a person of refreshing candor”


4 thoughts on “Dangerous Unsaid Things

  1. One of your most beautiful posts.


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