What to Notice about Old People

Inner joy.

Do they have it?

Why do we need to notice?

Because we are next in line.

“Old” is not an alien life form, as it seems while we are young. It was quite a revelation, but, I discovered that…

We, who are not old (and who avoid premature death), are understudies, awaiting our debut in the role.

So, if we examine the choices petty, cranky, cantankerous, miserable, selfish, demanding, angry, and disillusioned people chose, we can choose the opposite and avoid an ugly end.

The end is coming. The fear of it can turn us into desperate, clinging, cynical specimens, or, we can find inside things that outshine the outside and counteract its decay and stench.


The beauty “steals inward” only if we make a path for it to do so.

One thought on “What to Notice about Old People

  1. We’ll all get there … hopefully.

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