What I Like about You

Fighting off boredom in relationships with others (and with ourselves) always starts with what we are thinking. So often, we are mentally rolling our eyes at someone which leads us further down a path of…

  • discontent
  • disgust
  • downright hatred
  • conflict
  • dishonest dealings (for those of us who do anything to avoid conflict or decisions)

None of these paths leads to the kind of life we dream of, by the way.

My easy alternative is a manual shift from ugh to what-I-like-about-you. When I can not think of a single thing I like about someone (or myself), I get my “shift” together by employing the ABC game: thinking of something I like that begins with every letter of the alphabet.

get your shift together

For example:

  1. My partner says something stupid. Ugh. I Shift: I think about my partner’s: A) Attractive eyes B) Belief in me C) Childhood D) Determination…etc.
  2. I make a stupid mistake. Ugh. I Shift: I praise myself for my: A) Awareness B) Being Human… I) Interest in improving…etc.
  3. I am bored. Ugh. I Shift: I focus on things around me: A) Air, breathable air! B) Blood pumping through my veins…F) Freedom to choose my attitude, etc.

Ahh…from stalled to cruising…

2 thoughts on “What I Like about You

  1. Excellent method! I like the last one best! a) air! b)blood pumping c)cheer up! d) diversify e) enthusiasm f) freedom g) goals!

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