An Inhospitable World

A woman at a bus stop on Waikiki surprised passersby by screaming “Shut up!” to a little boy who was chattering nonsense. The father of the boy added to the “crazy” by standing up and spitting in the woman’s eye. Besides being shockingly uncomfortable, it was…

  • a microcosm of a world in conflict
  • an important lesson in the cost of impatience and vigilante justice
  • a reminder that drama is a useless tool for shutting down drama

“Every atom of hatred we add to the world makes the world more inhospitable.” -Etty Hillesum

What if that father, instead of spitting, had decided to forgive and to find a little understanding for the difficult life he had just encountered? He may not have changed the woman, but he would definitely change his own family’s story from one of hatred to peacemaking under stress.

We could all use a little of that right now.

hatred cannot drive out hatred

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