Take Care of Drama before It Takes Care of You

chalk body

If you have any doubt about the price of not getting control of the drama in your life, think twice about the Orlando shooting.

Allowing anger, bitterness, unresolved conflicts, or judgmental behaviors to fester will always result in toxins seeping out into the world– whether as violence or merely as fuel on the fire of another’s violence.

We must think twice before patting ourselves on the back for not being murderers. Who knows but that our own drama has marred the mental health of others who are. Everyone makes their own choices, of course, but, again, in the words of Holocaust victim, Etty Hillisum, “Every atom of hatred we add to the world makes the world more inhospitable.”

(By the way, Hillesum also refused to hate the Germans who murdered her entire family, claiming that, for the sake of those who were good Germans, it was unfair to hate the entire race.)

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