Farco Quonks

These words were on my mind when I woke this morning.

Besides wishing these were real words for playing Words with Friends, I thought farco quonk may have described my state of mind at that moment; as in, “I was in a real farco quonk.”

You’ve probably been in a farco quonk before and can relate. Here are some characteristics:

  • things are just a little off
  • you can’t think of anything worth getting out of bed for
  • un-diagnosable aches and pains
  • whatever is the operative word
  • you can’t quite remember that troubling dream, to-do list, or what exactly you said or did wrong.

The good news is that farco quonks don’t have to last long.

Mine went away when I resolved to do something useful and something kind.

john wesley quote

Good riddance farco quonks!

2 thoughts on “Farco Quonks

  1. When we fall down we grow. However, when we stay down we die.

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