Tony Blair-a-py

I was never a Tony Blair groupie, but wish I would have read his political bio earlier. When I get discouraged about anything not working right in my life or feel a tad overwhelmed, I listen to a snippet of his outlandishly pressurized life and feel good again about mine!

His bio also reminded me of the critical characteristics of a high-level public servant:

  • Humility: the ability to tell it like it is or was even when it isn’t or wasn’t complimentary (a lack of ego protection is a good indicator of a truth-teller)
  • Depth and Insight: the ability to objectively use deductive and inductive reasoning (rather than to rely solely on others’ opinions)
  • Healthy Detachment: the ability to step away from one’s own personal interests long enough to absorb and appreciate the other side
  • Communication: the ability to judiciously explain complex truths in a way that moves others to action
  • Resilience: the ability to shoulder immense rejection, accusations, betrayals, and defeats without going psycho
  • Passion for Service: mastering the skill of working for others versus mastering “the machine of people working for me” (something that should be considered in the upcoming US election)
  • Sense of Humor: it is certainly useful to be able to laugh at oneself and to not mind being laughed at, as well.

Funny. These are all skills I can use too.

Worth the read, even if you are not a fan.

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